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Before Sending Your Samples
    Contact us:  You can send in your samples whenever they are ready.  You can always contact us in advance to let us know of your purpose and special instructions regarding your samples.

    Sample Quantity:  If your samples are 100 or more, please inform us in advance. We will make the necessary preparations to ensure timely results for you.

    Selecting Samples:  It is important to have correct and representative samples.  For detailed information about selecting samples, please see the Sampling Page at this website.

    Handling Samples:  For best results, your samples should be shipped immediately after taking from the plants.  If you must store samples before shipping, keep them in plastic bags in a refrigerator.  Do not allow samples to get wet or become frozen.

    Submitting Samples: Use the Sample Submission Form  to send in you samples for testing.

Sample information:  
Fill out  the Sample Submission Form and include it with your samples.

    Otherwise, please include the following information with your samples
· Your full name, company/Institute name and complete address.
· Your phone number, fax number and e-mail address.
        · Type of sample and sample numbers.
        · Tests or crop screen ordered.  
        · Special information about the samples if you have any.

    For information about the tests available for each crop or Crop Screens, please see Testing Services at this web site.   

      It is very important for you to include all of required information with your samples. Your testing will be delayed if we receive your samples without adequate information.

Packing and Shipping Samples: 
        · Put each sample into a Zip-LocŪ or similar enclosed plastic bag.  
        · Mark each bag with an identifying name or number if you are collecting more than one samples.
        · Pack the bagged samples inside a cardboard box. 
        · Do not pack samples with ice. do not contaminate the samples with  soil, insects, or other materials.

· Ship samples by an overnight carrier through a shipping company, such as Federal Express, DHL, UPS or Airborne.
        · Keep a copy of the tracking number for your shipping package.
        · Check with us regarding you samples if you want to make sure your samples have arrived on time.

Information Request Form

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