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Tests available for potyviruses group
We offer following individual ELISA tests for the viruses in potyviruses group.  

Pathogen Name Acronym Test Format Prices
Alstroemeria Mosaic Virus AlMV DAS ELISA
Prices vary with the number of the tests ordered and number of your samples. Please click here to see the price chart for our low prices. 
Bean Common mosaic Virus BCMV TAS ELISA
Bean Yellow Mosaic Virus BYMV DAS ELISA
Blackeye Cowpea Mosaic Virus BlCMV DAS ELISA
Clover Yellow Vein Virus ClYVV DAS ELISA
Iris Fulva Mosaic Virus IFMV DAS ELISA
Leek Yellow Stripe Virus LYSV DAS ELISA
Lettuce Mosaic Virus LMV TAS ELISA
Onion Yellow Dwarf Virus OYDV DAS ELISA
Papaya Ringspot Virus PRSV DAS ELISA
Pea Mosaic Virus PMV DAS ELISA
Pea Seed-Borne Mosaic Virus PSbMV DAS ELISA
Pepper Mottle Virus PepMoV DAS ELISA
Plum Pox Virus PPV TAS ELISA
Potato A Virus PVA TAS ELISA
Potato V Virus PVV TAS ELISA
Potato Y Virus PVY TAS ELISA
Potato Y Virus - n srtain PVY-n TAS ELISA
Soybean Mosaic Virus SMV DAS ELISA
Tobacco etch virus TEV DAS ELISA
Tobacco Vein Mottling Virus TVMV DAS ELISA
Turnip Mosaic Virus TuMV DAS ELISA
Watermelon Mosaic 2 Virus WMV-2 TAS ELISA
Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus ZYMV DAS ELISA

Potyviruses group Test:

A monoclonal antibody is used in our POTY Indirect ELISA for potyviruses group.  The Indirect ELISA can detect the members of potyviruses.

Contact us for help

If you have any questions about infections of potyviruses or detection of potyviruses for your crops, please contact us by phone at (479) 595-0320 or by e-mail: testing@acdiainc.com.  Our professional staff will be happy to help you.  

For information about how to use our Testing Services, please look at the pages of plant Sampling, sample Submitting, sample Testing and Date & Report of test results at this Web Site.

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