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Lyophilized Controls
For ELISA Reagents

Storage and usage

Store controls at 4 oC. For long term storage, controls should be kept at -20 oC.

Controls are recommended for ELISA tests with AC Diagnostics’s Reagents only. Positive controls may contain more than one virus.

Control Preparation

Use the sample extraction buffer for the test system and protocol in which the control will be used to prepare the control. The volume on the control label is the amount of sample extraction buffer required to prepare the control.

Add this amount of sample extraction buffer to the vial to prepare the control. Mix the rehydrated control in the vial by gently shaking.

Making Aliquots

The prepared control can be used immediately, or divided into aliquots and stored frozen ( -20 oC). Each aliquot should be sufficient for at least one use. For example, if you will use this control in one well each time you run the test, prepare 120 ul aliquots. Prepare 220 ul aliquots if you will use the control in two wells.

Control aliquots must be kept frozen until just before use. Do not refreeze controls once it has been thawed.

Using control

At the time you run the test, remove one control from storage and allow it to thaw. Add the prepared control to the appropriate control well at the same volume of the sample.

If you have any questions about preparing and using controls, please contact AC Diagnostics, Inc.