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Catalog #: BS24
Source Antibody:  A rabbit polyclonal antibody for capture and a monoclonal antibody for detection..
Test Format:  TAS ELISA

Reactivity:  This ELISA reacted with all Xam isolates tested.  Reaction of the ELISA is strong.  Optical Density at 405nm  is in a range of 1.100 - 3.000 depending  on the bacterial titers in the samples tested.

Sensitivity:  Sensitivity of the ELISA is high.  The bacterium can be consistently detected in infected plant tissues diluted at 1:810.

Specificity:  There is no cross reaction with healthy plant tissues.  Background is very low on all of the negative control wells.

Application:  The test can be used to detect Xam in infected host plants as well as in pure bacterial cultures.


Catalog Number

Description Test Wells Price $US Ship Weight
BS24-R1 Real Realisa X. ampelinus 500 tests



2 lb (1 kg)
BS24-R2 Real Realisa X. ampelinus 1000 tests



2 lb (1 kg)

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Information About the Virus

Name:  Xanthomonas ampelinus
Acronym:  Xam
Group/Genus:  Xanthomonas

Host plants and Diseases:   

Bacterial Transmission:  
Bacterial Infection:  



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