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Testing services                                

We are pleased to offer testing services for the following crops with result accuracy, service speed, low prices and customer confidentiality.

African Violet Apple Apricot Asparagus
Aster Banana Barley Bean
Bean Seeds Beet Begonia Berry
Blackberry Blueberry Cabbage Cantaloupe
Carnation/Dianthus Cauliflower Celery Cherry
Chrysanthemum Citrus Corn Cotton
Cowpea Crucifers Cucurbits ( Cucumber, Melons & Squash) Cucurbit Seeds
Dahlia Eggplant Endive Garlic/Onion
Geranium Gladiolus Gooseberry Hosta
Impatiens Kalanchoe Lettuce Lily
Marigold Melon Mustard Oats
Onion Orchid Ornamental (Herbaceous Annual & Perennial) Ornamental Seed
Papaya Pea Peach Pepper
Petunia Poinsettia Potato Potato Extended
Potyvirus Test Prunus Pumpkin Raspberry
Rose Rose Mosaic Complex Sorghum Soybean
Spinach Squash Statice Strawberry
Sugarcane Sweet Potato Tobacco Tomato
Tomato Extended Tulip Watercress Wheat
Sampling Submitting Submission Form Testing Data & Report Prices & Terms

Under each crop is a list of available tests for pathogen detection. We suggest that your samples be tested for all the pathogens listed, however, you may select any number of pathogens you want us to test on your sample(s).

If there is a crop in which you are interested in testing but is not listed here, please contact us. We will test any sample from any crop according to your needs. 

How AC Diagnostics's Testing Services work for you.  First, take samples from the plant to be tested, put it into a bag, label the bag, and then send it to us.  We will test the samples for you according to your requirement, then record the test data and report the results to you. For detailed information, please read the information about plant Sampling, sample Submitting and Submission Form, sample Testing and Date & Report of test results at this Web Site.  Or you can contact us by E-mail, phone or fax. 

The four quality standards you can expect from our Testing Services are as follows:
    1. Accuracy Sensitive and innovative test methods performed by quality professionals guarantee high accuracy of results.
    2. Speed:  All tests will be completed with test results reported to you within 24 hours of receiving the samples.
    3. Low Prices:  We try very hard to make our prices as low as possible. You can save 20-35 % by using our Testing Services as compared with other companies.
    4. Confidentiality:  Test results are owned absolutely by customers. We keep all test information in confidentiality and will never disclose it without customer's permission.  

For More Information Contact:
Testing Services
AC Diagnostics, Inc
1131 W Cato Springs Road, Fayetteville, AR 72701
Tel: (479) 595-0320; (479) 251-1960;
Cell Phone:
(479) 283-9066
FAX: (479) 251-1791
E-mail: testing@acdiainc.com