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Catalog #:  VS31
Source Antibody:
  Rabbit polyclonal antibody for both capture and detection.
Test Format:                                   

Reactivity:  Reaction of the ELISA is moderately strong.  Optical Density at 405nm is in a range of 0.800 - 1.800 depending on the virus titer in the samples tested.

Sensitivity:  Sensitivity of the ELISA is relative high.  The virus can be consistently detected in infected plant tissues diluted at 1:810 - 1:2430.

Specificity:  This test system has no cross reaction with healthy plant tissues tested. Background is very low on the negative control wells.


Catalog Number

Description Test Wells Price $USD Ship Weight
VS31-R1 ELISA Reagents



2 lb (1 kg)
VS31-R2 ELISA Reagents



3 lb (1.5 kg)
VS31-R3 ELISA Reagents



6 lb (3 kg)



2 lb (1 kg)
VS31-P1 Positive control 10 40 1 lb (0.5 kg)
VS31-N1 Negative control 20 60 1 lb (0.5 kg)

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Information About the Virus

Name: Maize Mosaic Nucleorhabdovirus
Acronym:  MMV
Synonyms:  virus del enanismo rayado maiz, maize stripe Indian virus (Sharma and Payak, 1983), sorghum chlorosis virus, zea mays virus.

Strains: MMV - raya fina, MMV - raya gruesa.
Transmission: Transmitted by a vector; an insect; Peregrinus maidis; Delphacidae. Transmitted in a persistent manner. Virus retained when the vector moults; multiplies in the vector; not transmitted congenitally to the progeny of the vector; not transmitted by mechanical inoculation; not transmitted by contact between plants; not transmitted by seed; not transmitted by pollen.

Geographical Distribution: Spreads in possibly Australia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Fiji, India, Mauritius, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Tanzania, and the USA (and the Caribbean Islands).
Diagnostically Susceptible Species and Symptoms: 

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