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Catalog #: VS50
Source Antibody:  The monoclonal antibody (MAb) specific to PPV D-strain used in this test  were developed by Dr. Mariano Cambra, Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias (IVIA), in Spain. The MAb PPV-D was evaluated against the Bordeaux collection of PPV isolates at UMR Genomique, Development et pouvoir Pathogene, Virologie-IBVM, INRA.
Test Format:  TAS ELISA

Specificity:  This test system detects all isolates PPV-D.  There is no cross reaction with healthy plant tissues.  Background is very low on all of the negative control wells.

Reactivity:  . Reaction of the ELISA is very strong.  Optical Density at 405nm  is in a range of 1.000 - 2.700 depending  on the virus titer in the samples tested.

Sensitivity:  Sensitivity of the ELISA is relatively high.  The virus can be consistently detected in infected plant leaf tissues diluted  at 1:810 - 1:2430.

Application:  The test can be used to detect PPV-D strain in leaves, fruit, and flowers and other tissues of infected stone fruit plants.


Catalog Number

Description Test Wells Price $US Ship Weight
VS50-R1 Real Realisa PPV-D, 500 tests



2 lb (1 kg)


Real Realisa PPV-D, 1000 tests



2 lb (1 kg)

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Information About the Virus

Name:  Plum Pox Virus - D Strain
Acronym:  PPV-D
Synonyms:  Annulus pruni, Prunus virus 7,  sharka virus.
Group/Genus:  Potyviruses

Vector:  Aphids, in non-persistent manner.
Transmission:  mechanical
Main host plants:  Plum, peach, cherry, apricot, nectarine, almond, European plum, Janpanese plum

Viral Particle:  Filamentous particle, containing RNA genome.
Virus Infection: 

1.  CMI/AAB Descriptions of Plant Viruses, No.70.
2.  Adams, A. N. 1995. In Ogawa, J.M., ed. Compendium of Stone Fruit Diseases, APS Press, St. Paul. p. 69. (ISBN 0-89054-174-4)
3.  Candresse, T., Cambra, M., Dallot, S., Lanneau, M., Asensio, M., Gorris, M.T., Revers, F., Macquaire, A., Olmos, A., Boscia, D., Quiot, J.B., dunez, J. (1998) Comparison of monoclonal antibodies and polymerase chain reaction assays for the typing of isolates belonging to the D and M serotypes of Plum Pox Potyvirus. Phytopathology 88(3), 198-204.


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