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Microarray System


Microarray System allows the simultaneous detection of several viruses. It allows for greater timeliness and efficiency in receiving results, while significantly reducing cost per sample. In addition, only a PCR Thermal Cycler is necessary to perform the test.

DIM-Array™ PVY PLRV system

State-of-the-art DNA-based system designed for a simultaneous detection of PVY (including strains PVYO,PVYN, and PVYNTN), PLRV and Internal Control from potato samples.  

DIM-Array™ Nitrogen Cycle

State-of-the-art Multiplex Hybridization System designed for measuring the effect of agricultural management practices, fertilizer treatments and environmental factors on the quantity and proportion of bacteria involved in key processes of the nitrogen cycle (nitrogen fixation, nitrification, and denitrification) in the rhizosphere.   



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