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Catalog #:  SS03
Application: Detect fumonisin B1 content of grain and feed                                   
Samples: Grain, feed...
Detection limit: 200ng/ml
Material provided:
10 aluminum foil pouches each containing FB1 test card with a dropper and a desiccant
10 sample collection tubes containing the assay diluent
1 centrifugal tube (15ml) for use
One instruction for use
Shelf life: 18 month


Catalog Number


Test Wells

Price $US

Ship Weight
SS03-K1 Fumonisin B1 Direct ELISA Test Kit



2 lb (1 kg)
SS03-LF1 Fumonisin B1 Lateral Flow Device Test Kit


2 lb (1 kg)
SS03-LF2 Fumonisin B1 Lateral Flow Device Test Kit


3 lb (1.5 kg)
SS03-LF3 Fumonisin B1 Lateral Flow Device Test Kit


5 lb (1.5 kg)

To learn how to perform the test:  Instructions for Fumonisin B1 Lateral Flow Test

Fumonisin B1 is the most prevalent member of a family of toxins, known as fumonisins, produced by several species of Fusarium molds, such as Fusarium moniliforme, which occur mainly in maize, wheat and other cereals. Fumonisin B1 contamination of maize has been reported worldwide at mg/kg levels. Human exposure occurs at levels of micrograms to milligrams per day and is greatest in regions where maize products are the dietary staple.

Fumonisin B1 is an inhibitor of ceramide synthase.Fumonisin B1 is hepatotoxic and nephrotoxic in all animal species tested. The earliest histological change to appear in either the liver or kidney of fumonisin-treated animals is increased apoptosis followed by regenerative cell proliferation. While the acute toxicity of fumonisin is low, it is the known cause of two diseases which occur in domestic animals with rapid onset: equine leukoencephalomalacia and porcine pulmonary oedema syndrome. Both of these diseases involve disturbed sphingolipid metabolism and cardiovascular dysfunction.

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