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Free Sample Offer During Spring Time,  2008

We at AC Diagnostics are proud to offer you a Free Sample during this spring time. If you are new customer and never try our products before, you can request a free sample.

You can chose any one of our products on our product list.  We will send you 100-test well sample of ELISA Reagents for free. We just want you to try our quality products and excellent services.

Please send in your request by e-mail (infor@acdiainc.com), Faxing (Order Form), or you call us directly to discuss your request .

The team at AC Diagnostics is working hard to provide you with high quality products with very low costs. Our mission is to become Your Reliable Partner in Agri-Diagnostics.  Your satisfaction is our number goal.  As we always promise, we are continuing to develop new products, improving our current products, updating diagnostic technologies and shorting product delivery time. 

Contact Information

Telephone: (479)-595-0320; Cell Phone: (479) 283-9066

FAX:    (479) 251-1791


Electronic mail:   Information: infor@acdiainc.com
                            Marketing: sales@acdiainc.com

                            Testing Services: testing@acdiainc.com