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Career Opportunities at AC Diagnostics

The following positions are currently opening for applications at AC diagnostics, Inc.  We commit to create and maintain healthy, harmony and safe environments for happy and productive working performances of every employees, and to manufacture and sell quality products for satisfying customer and market requirements in a efficient and improving manner.  Payment is negotiable and depended on qualifications.  Our company has a profit sharing program and provides good personal career opportunities. If you are interested , please contact us by e-mail at jxia@acdiainc.com.

Scientist - Molecular Biologist:

This position is designed for a Postdoctoral Researcher/Research Scientist – Molecular Biologist, who will join our R&D team on researches and development of new diagnostic technologies and products basing on molecular biology.  The candidate should have knowledge background and laboratory experience on molecular technologies such as PCR, RT-PCR, Real-time-PCR, cloning & sequencing, and nucleic acid hybridization. Skills on microbiology, nanotechnology and disease diagnosis are plus but not necessary. The successful candidate must be self-motivating, dependable, working independently and willing to share and learn new techniques and skills. Please contact John Xia by phone (479) 283-9066 or e-mail your resume at jxia@acdiainc.com.

Postdoctoral Researcher/Research Scientist

AC Diagnostics Inc. invites applications for a position of Postdoctoral Researcher/ Research Scientist. The incumbent is to develop a new nanotech-based product line including colloid gold particles and modified gold particles, Gold nanorods, magnetic particles, and other nanotech products such as quantum dots. Technical contributions to a team effort on grant proposal may also be required. A Ph.D. degree with knowledge, background and laboratory experience on nanotechnology and chemistry are preferred. Salary and benefits is commensurate with experience and qualification. This is a high challenged and high rewarded position. Self-motivated and career goal-pursuing individuals with abilities of multitask and high-independence is welcome to apply. Please e-mail your resume to jxia@acdiainc.com.

Visiting Scientist:

This position is designed for a visiting scientist who come to our laboratories for exchanging modern technologies and new ideals on Agri-diagnostics.  The visiting scientist is welcome from a laboratory at a university or research institute in the US, or in any one of the countries around the world, including the developing countries.
The candidate should have basic background on one or more areas of agriculture, plant pathology, microbiology, general biology and molecular biology.  Diagnostic techniques such as
ELISA, immunodot-blot, immunofluorescence assay, western immunoblot, and immunoelectron microscopy, antibody production, nuclear acid hybridization, PCR, RT-PCR, real-time-PCR and/or other novel technologies are plus, but not necessary. The successfully candidate must be self-motivating, dependable, working independently and willing to share and learn new techniques and skills. 

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