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Your Data:  All the test data for your samples are recorded and saved in a special file on our computer. The test results are your property. We will keep them for you up to three years.

Confidentiality:  Your test results and other information related to the tests are kept in confidentiality. We will never disclose these results and information without the customer's written permission.  

Result Report:  Your test results are usually sent to you in a report within 24 hours of the arrival of your sample.  If any of the tests you ordered take more than one day, we will call you and let you know. We will send you the report by fax or e-mail, whichever way you prefer. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions after you've read the report.

Contents of Your Report:
     Report date

    Your name and address

    Date samples were received 

    Job number

    List of pathogens for which your sample was tested.

    Summary of results. All positive results are clearly marked.

    Signature of the person who prepared your report. Name of AC Diagnostics personnel you can contact for questions.

    Tables of results.

How to Read Your Report

    The numbers listed in the Table of Results are optical density data from ELISA tests. We use this data to determine positive or negative results for your tests. 

    We visually read positive and negative results for other types of tests. The test results are simply listed as positive or negative on your report.

    The results from positive control and negative control that we test along with your samples are also included in the Table of Results.

    All positive results in the report are clearly marked.

    Whenever you have questions about you test results, Please contact the person designated on the report, or any member of the AC Diagnostics staff. 

    For detailed information on the types of test we use and the test data we have, please see Testing page and other technical information in this Web Site. 

    We sincerely hope that the test results from your report will help you in your crop management or in your research program.  Your satisfaction is our goal.

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