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DIM-Array™ PVY PLRV System

State-of-the-art DNA-based system designed for a simultaneous detection of PVY (including strains PVYO,PVYN, and PVYNTN), PLRV and Internal Control from potato samples. Asymptomatic and Symptomatic samples including Core, Leaf, Sprout, Plantlet, Stem section, and Tuber samples can be tested within 8 hours. Composite (group) of samples can be tested in a single test. In addition, only a PCR Thermal Cycler is necessary to perform the test.

1 test on 1 sample (or composite) includes: detection of PVY, PLRV and an internal control (to avoid false negative result).

16 samples (or composites) can simultaneously be tested on 1 slide.

4 slides can be used simultaneously.

1 slide carries 16 arrays. Composite (group) of samples can be tested in a single test.


Following are the possible test results on each array:

Catalog Number


Test Wells


Ship Weight


DIM-Array™ PVY PLRV System



2 lb (1 kg)


DIM-Array™ PVY PLRV System



3 lb (1.5 kg)


DIM-Array™ PVY PLRV System



5 lb (3 kg)

RNA Extraction
The DIM-Array™ PVY PLRV system is compatible with any RNA extraction protocol thanks to the Internal Control integrated into the system which verifies that RNA Extraction, Reverse Transcription, and PCR are OK.

An RNA extraction protocol can be provided upon request.

Reverse Transcription and Multiplex PCR
Protocol and primers for Reverse Transcription and Multiplex PCR are provided in the DIM-Array™ PVY PLRV Kit.

Internal Control
A major drawback of most PCRs used routinely by diagnostic labs, surprisingly even to date, is that they do not contain an Internal Control. The DIM-Array™ PVY PLRV Internal Control is a non-PVY, non-PLRV RNA present in the same sample reaction tube which is coamplified simultaneously with the PVY, PLRV RNA.

In a PCR without an Internal Control, a negative result (no band) can mean that there was no PVY, PLRV RNA present in the reaction. But it could also mean that the reaction was inhibited due to failed RNA extraction, malfunction of the thermal cycler, incorrect PCR mixture, poor polymerase activity, and, not least, the presence of inhibitory substances in the sample matrix.

This is called a false-negative result. False-negative results turn a risk into a threat.

In the DIM-Array™ PVY PLRV system, the Internal Control signal will always be produced regardless if PVY and/or PLRV are present or not in the reaction as long as RNA Extraction, Reverse Transcription, and PCR are OK.

Thus, when the DIM-Array™ PVY PLRV is used in routine analysis, the Internal Control will indicate false-negative results.

DIM-Array™ Control
The DIM-Array™ Control ensures the DIM-Array™ System is working properly.

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