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             Following are some examples of what our customers said about our Products and Services:

"I was more than 100% happy with the product and the service.  Everything went really smooth from the inquiry of the product to the end result of its use.  (It turned out to be much better than the competing manufacturer's product) I was able to get technical service on time when I needed.  I will definitely continue ordering from AC Diagnostics".

Anna-Liisa Fabritius, Ph.D., Plant Pathologist, USA

"Ive found both you and your colleagues  very helpful, and  very impressed at the promptness with which orders have been processed and shipped. Weve been impressed by the quality of the antibodies received  and have since been able to  resolve outstanding  issues with some of our diagnostic kits".

Hazel Swan, Operations Manager, UK

 "AC Diagnostics reagent sets are easy to use. The directions provided walk you through each step of the ELISA process. We have gotten great results picking up the AMV and CMV strains that we work with in soybeans and snap beans. They also save our lab hundreds of dollars over a month because they have beat out their competitors prices".

Laurie Gerber, Associate Research Specialist, USA

"Thank you so much for you e-mail. Yes, I am very happy for you products, all of them are working fine in the tests at our Lab".

Dr. Rodolfo De La Torre Almaraz, Mexico

"I want to thank you for giving us a sample of your ELISA kit for WMV-2 detection. I used it last week and it worked fine. It is good to know that we can count with a new supplier of these kits".

Carlos A. Angel, Ph.D. Graduate Research Assistant, USA


"As far as we can tell now, the ACD TRSV reagents seem to have worked out well.  We obtained much lower background reactions with the ACD reagents compared to what we are currently using."

Virus Laboratory Manager , USA

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