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AC Diagnostics, Inc. (ACD, Inc.) was established in 2004, with a mission to be a leading provider of quality diagnostic products at affordable prices to worldwide customers and to be a world leader in development of modern diagnostic technologies and devices for disease diagnosis. ACD, Inc. has been engaging in research, development, manufacture and marketing of diagnostic products and technologies for detection of pathogens and diagnosis of diseases. At ACD, Inc., we believe in diagnostics, and in making contributions to our diagnostic communities and thus to disease control and managements in the world.

ACD, Inc. currently provides sensitive, reliable and cost-effective test kits/reagents for detection of more than 300 plant pathogens. Our products have been developed by collaborations with the research scientists from USDA and universities. All of the products are produced by advanced manufacturing techniques, and passed strictly quality control procedure before being shipped out. We also provide full scale of in-house Testing Services and professional Contract Research for target antigens. If the customers need any tests which are not on our product list, our R&D team will try to develop them according to customer’s requests.

Applications of innovative technologies in product development are the main driving forces of ACD, Inc. Our current products are developed based on the techniques of serological assays and immunocapture PCRs. Our next generation of products based on modern technologies of the Real-Time PCR, biosensors, microarrays combined with bio-capture and nanoparticle-separation of pathogens are under development. We believe that active research and investment in new technologies is the future of our company. We will continue to cooperate with the scientists from the Unites States and many other countries around the world on the development of modern technologies and transfer of newly developed technologies into products.
We believe that our success in the past few years is based on our commitment to our policies of “High Quality, Low Prices” and “100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee”, the excellent technical support and effective collaborations with scientists on new technologies/products. Our products have been used in more than 30 countries in all over the world. ACD, Inc. would like to be a partner with you in your diagnostic needs, and to help you be successful!                                                    


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Telephone: (479) 251-1960; (479)-595-0320;
Cell Phone: (479) 283-9066
Fax:  (479) 251-1791

Postal address: 1131 W Cato Springs Road, Fayetteville, AR 72701, USA   

Email  Information: infor@acdiainc.com, Marketing: sales@acdiainc.com, Testing Services: testing@acdiainc.com