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AC Diagnostics, Inc. at APS Meeting 2010

AC Diagnostics, Inc. atttended the APS meeting in Charlotte, NC during August 7th to 11, 2010. There were three presentations about Immunocapture RT-PCR technology by Dr. John Q. Xia in the meeting:

Oral Presentation: “Sensitive and cost-effective immunocapture RT-PCR for routinely viral detection in large number of plant samples” in the Detection &Diagnosis session Dr. John, Q. Xia.

In “New Products and Services” session the “Novel immunocapture PCR Kits for Detection of Plant Viruses” by Dr. John, Q. Xia.

Poster Presentation: “Development of commercial products basing on immunocapture RT-PCT technology”.

You also can check the flyers we have for this meeting:

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